Top 10 Innovation Articles – April 2012

Every day, we search the Internet for the best articles and advice on innovation, which we share with our followers and fans on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. Below are the best innovation articles we found last month. Feel free to add to the list in the comments.

Top 10 Innovation Articles for April 2012The Challenges for Developing Innovation in the Middle East
How technological ‘leapfrogging’ allows developing countries quickly build innovation abilities

What It Takes To Innovate: Wrong-Thinking, Tinkering & Intuiting
Why inventors throughout history don’t mind failing – and trying again

Inside Amazon’s Idea Machine: How Bezos Decodes The Customer
Amazon’s incredible business model transformation

How to Create the Next Silicon Valley
Conditions that contribute to a regional center of innovation

10 Tips for Successful Innovation Teams
A talent management roadmap for high-performance innovation teams

The Secret to Keeping Your Company Alive
Clayton Christensen and Hal Gregersen on how the most innovative companies in the world keep #innovation alive

When It’s Time to Throw Out Your Business Plan
5 tips for innovating your business model

Go Innovate on the Periphery
Spotting trends and innovating in adjacent markets

4 Ways To Keep Great Ideas From Getting Stuck In The Pipeline
How great innovation organizations deal with the “pipeline paradox”

When Will this Low-Innovation Internet Era End?
Why we’re living in an age of low #innovation despite all the advances in technology

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Perception vs. Reality: The True Nature of Innovation

true_innovation_50The new reality TV series, “Stars of Science,” gives 16 young Arab inventors a chance to design and build their dreams. From a solar-powered generator for tents, to an oxygen-infused juice drink, contestants vie to impress the judges and the audience. The show has captured the attention of many viewers, some of whom are eager to demonstrate that the Arab world can produce innovations as clever and profitable as the rest of the globe.

“Stars of Science” is sponsored by the Qatar Foundation. While it’s an honorable undertaking that encourages individual creativity, the one problem with the show is that it promotes only the popular perception of innovation. That is, a singular genius tucked away in a laboratory, experimenting with ways to make his or her inspiration a reality. [Read more...]