Top 10 Innovation Articles – July / August 2012

There are two kinds of people: those who accept the world the way it is, and those who attempt to change it. Innovators, of course, belong to the latter category. We see problems as opportunities, failures as lessons, and a sky with no limit. Our featured video this month is an amazing compilation from that celebrates innovators, and inspires us to continue the quest to make the world (and beyond) a better place.

Below are the best innovation articles we found for July and August 2012. As always, feel free to share your favorite articles, posts and videos in the comments.

How to Make Business Model Innovation Happen
A framework, process and overview of tools for Business Model Innovation.

How “Toggle” Worked Its Way Through AT&T’s Innovation Pipeline And Into Cell Phones
AT&T’s innovation system brings smart products to market, shares success with employees who created them.

The Five Senses of Innovation
How to tell if someone is innovative? Check their senses.

Social Entrepreneurship & Social Innovation: Not the Same Thing
Four reasons why social entrepreneurs are significantly different than nonprofit social innovators.

Please, No Innovation
How to build innovation into a consistent competency for your organization.

Zombie Innovation: How to Get New Life From Dead Ideas
How to use old ideas from your business’s past to spark new innovation.

Innovation Isn’t About New Products, It’s About Changing Behavior
Companies are not so much in the business of what we buy, but the way we act.

Fund the Future, Not the Past
A primer on the America Innovates Act and how it could better serve entrepreneurs.

Stop Slamming the Door on Innovation
How to overcome the built-in brain patterns that lead us to automatically reject anything new.

Top 10 Innovation Articles – April 2012

Every day, we search the Internet for the best articles and advice on innovation, which we share with our followers and fans on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. Below are the best innovation articles we found last month. Feel free to add to the list in the comments.

Top 10 Innovation Articles for April 2012The Challenges for Developing Innovation in the Middle East
How technological ‘leapfrogging’ allows developing countries quickly build innovation abilities

What It Takes To Innovate: Wrong-Thinking, Tinkering & Intuiting
Why inventors throughout history don’t mind failing – and trying again

Inside Amazon’s Idea Machine: How Bezos Decodes The Customer
Amazon’s incredible business model transformation

How to Create the Next Silicon Valley
Conditions that contribute to a regional center of innovation

10 Tips for Successful Innovation Teams
A talent management roadmap for high-performance innovation teams

The Secret to Keeping Your Company Alive
Clayton Christensen and Hal Gregersen on how the most innovative companies in the world keep #innovation alive

When It’s Time to Throw Out Your Business Plan
5 tips for innovating your business model

Go Innovate on the Periphery
Spotting trends and innovating in adjacent markets

4 Ways To Keep Great Ideas From Getting Stuck In The Pipeline
How great innovation organizations deal with the “pipeline paradox”

When Will this Low-Innovation Internet Era End?
Why we’re living in an age of low #innovation despite all the advances in technology

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Reinventing Your Value Proposition with Business Model Innovation

Innovation can be a nebulous term – what is innovative to one person may be only clever marketing to someone else. A new technology may solve a problem and bring real value to users, or it may simply be another patent that sits in a drawer – but the company awarded the patent is still called innovative.

With such different definitions of innovation, it is no wonder that organizations are confused about what it is and how to apply it/leverage it/profit from it. It’s also not surprising that the phrase “business model innovation” engenders even more confusion and even fear. After all, if innovative products and services are so hard to conceive of, how can an organization be expected to innovate its business model, its raison d’être? And why should they go to such lengths?

What is Business Model Innovation?

A company’s business model is its plan for creating value, making a profit and differentiating itself from the competition. A business model includes the components and functions of the business, as well as the revenues it generates and the expenses it incurs. Using a business model framework – a way to understand your business model in terms of the complete value chain (customers, partners, suppliers, cost structure, etc.) – can help you better understand who your customers are, what value you provide to them and how you do it.

Understanding your current business model is the first step to reinventing it using business model innovation. Although a business model is meant to have more longevity than a strategic plan, that doesn’t mean it will remain relevant and optimized forever. Companies should periodically ask questions such as “Who are our customers? What value do we offer to them? How do we do this?” If the answers are different than before it may be time for business model innovation. [Read more...]

A 5-step Process for Business Model Innovation

Having creative ideas is easy and most people and organizations are not too bad at it. But implementing these ideas and turning them into successful innovations in the market is much harder. This is the domain many companies struggle with.

This is even more so when innovations are not only about products and services only – these can be easily tested and we have many processes, tools and theories at our disposal. When we are talking about ideas and innovations that have an impact on your business and the way you do business as a whole, these “business model” innovations need a distinct process and approach.

Through my research and my work with companies around the world, I have designed a 5-step Process for Business Model Innovation. [Read more...]

Now is the Time for Business Model Innovation

Time to reinventEvery organization in the Middle East should be questioning the who, what and how of their current approach to business, and finding a better way to offer value to customers and constituents. I’ll give you not one but four reasons why now is the time for business model innovation.

1.   The demonstrations in Tunisia, Egypt and around the Middle East show how out of touch governments can be with what their people want. The business world is no different — only instead of protesting, customers just go someplace else. One way to keep this from happening is to examine your value proposition and uncover new ways to serve customers. This is the essence of business model innovation. [Read more...]

Changing Tides: Dubai Port World Achieves Market Leadership through Business Model Innovation

Dubai Port World (DP World) is one of the largest marine terminal operators in the world, with 49 terminals and major expansions in 31 countries. Formed in 2005, with the merger of Dubai Ports Authority (DPA) and DPI (Dubai Ports International), the organization is young in name but rich in experience.

Since its inception, DP World has sought to understand cargo shipping from the customer’s viewpoint and provide innovative solutions, especially in the areas of optimized port operations and automation. In addition, it has established a track record of recognizing advantageous partnerships and acquisitions that has propelled it from humble beginnings to a driving force in global logistics.

In this Leadership Interview conducted by Innovation 360 Institute President and CEO Kamal Hassan, Mohammed Al Muallem, DP World’s SVP & Managing Director for the UAE, discusses how the company has evolved its business model over the years to become a market leader, and how it has innovated to meet the demands of growth. [Read more...]