Innovation Center

Innovation Readiness and Governance Deployment Engagement: Discover sustainable innovation opportunities by assessing your organization today and analyzing your trends for tomorrow. Design an innovation system that yields transparency, communication and execution. Foresight is a package of tools, custom reporting and workshops that lays the foundation for a lasting innovation initiative. Foresight’s main components include assessments and a custom Governance Framework Report.


The assessments involve an internal innovation readiness assessment and an external assessment of trends and scenarios contributing to your business and industry. With the internal assessment, the organization evaluates its readiness to build, lead and execute an innovation strategy with the necessary enablers in place. In external assessments organizations analyze trends and build scenarios based on future markets and potential customers.

Governance Framework Report

The Governance Framework is a report that provides feedback and recommendations after observing both external and internal innovation assessments. It also presents a custom model for creating sustainable innovation throughout the organization by aligning strategic goals, allocating resources, and assigning decision-making authority to increase innovation within an organization.  It goes beyond reporting by employing a combination of consulting and the Governance Development Workshop to define the following elements:
  • Innovation definitions and strategic goals
  • Innovation program office
  • Innovation framework and culture pillars
  • Function-based innovation governance policies

Foresight Benefits

Innovation 360’s Foresight solution provides organizations with frameworks, strategies and implementation models for sustainable innovation. It helps organizations:
  • Discover current approach to innovation, which is the first step to creating an innovation roadmap.
  • Launch an innovation journey or define existing innovation initiatives that currently lack clear vision, policies, procedures and management.
  • Develop a tailored solution, taking into account company infrastructure and current resources.
  • Use the Governance Framework Report to help see the path ahead.
Idea Management through Employee Engagement: Unite innovation strategy with employee engagement and encourage collaboration to generate and manage ideas within a productive and creative culture. IdeaFusion unites innovation strategy with collaborative employee empowerment to overcome common issues of siloed productivity. IdeaFusion combines assessment, training and workshop modules, an online idea management platform, and a playbook. It arms you with the tools and data to deploy a robust program throughout your organization. IdeaFusion gives you access to a unique program comprised of:

Ideation Assessment

We deploy an automated assessment to evaluate how innovation culture and idea generation is nurtured in your organization. After having looked at culture, infrastructure, tools and processes, we perform and deliver a full gap analysis report that guides the next steps in the innovation program.

Training Modules

In a train-the-trainer format, we work with innovation champions to define:
  • Define idea generation themes
  • Empower employees with ideation tools and delivery techniques
  • Support the selection / implementation, / commercialization process for viable ideas.

Workshop Modules

Our workshop modules are designed to enforce a team's or department's ability to collaborate and innovate together.
  • All-employee culture and ideation workshop
  • Idea Olympics, an innovative visual creativity methodology using LEGO Serious Play, is used to stimulate creative problem solving in a team setting.

Idea Management System

We deliver an online platform where a community can submit and vote on ideas. This allows organizations to source and manage a broad range of innovative ideas.

IdeaFusion Playbook

A custom “how-to guide” for deployment of the innovation program at your organization. It brings together both your innovation governance structure and ideation process. This essential manual will contain:
  • Guidelines and methodologies
  • Tools for collaboration
  • Implementation of strategies

IdeaFusion Benefits

  • A unique, tested framework supported with relevant tools to aid idea generation.
  • A proven method to get the best engagement possible in order to foster creative collaboration.
  • A dedicated online ideation platform that enables effective and proactive crowdsourcing and open innovation.
  • Creative collaboration, where the success of the innovation strategy does not rely only on innovation champions but on all employees of the organization.
Your Innovation Hotspot Engagement: Create a space to incubate a handful of ideas, on-site or at Innovation 360’s The Cribb. Or simply go big and launch a large, multi-year funded accelerator. The Innovation Center is where the elements merge. This is where ideas are born, incubated, accelerated, prototyped, commercialized and launched. This is where start-ups meet established businesses, where you get exposure to corporate and government entities ready to discover and test the next big thing suited to their portfolio pipeline. This is a center to bring your innovation or idea to life. Innovation 360 provides comprehensive consultation with organizational leaders to explore the current innovation ecosystem, conduct custom research to benchmark and analyze current trends, and select a model fitting to the organization’s vision and goals. Your organization can choose from three Innovation Centre models.

Ideation Lab

Hosted on-site at your place of work, an Ideation Lab could be a meeting room or makers lab transformed into an ideation space to encourage creativity and teamwork and a space where innovative ideas are prototyped. We help you design and deploy the perfect environment along with processes to enable innovations from within your space.

Opportunity Hub

Your Opportunity Hub can be hosted on-site at your organization or off-site at Innovation 360’s The Cribb. The Cribb is our state-of-the-art, co-working facility where intrapreneurs, entrepreneurs, mentors, developers and investors come together to support the broader entrepreneurial ecosystem. In this space, projects are managed and developed while ideation and prototyping are accelerated. Organizations that host their innovation center at The Cribb, are provided with mentorship, office hours with subject matter experts, a tech lab for software development, a makers lab for hardware design, a media lab for video production, coding academy, and other resources. Your Innovation Center will be part of a bigger ecosystem with many other corporates and SMEs.

Accelerator Center

For enterprises that want to go big and start their own accelerator, Innovation 360 offers experience and expertise in helping you design, implement and manage a successful program. With an accelerator, you can inject entrepreneurial know-how into your organization and accelerate commercialise-able “ideas to market.” The TURN8 accelerator founded by DP World is an example of a corporate Innovation Center housed at our innovation facility, The Cribb. Through this accelerator, DP World has discovered and nurtured dozens of innovative business ideas from around the world, enhancing their innovation portfolio and raising the entrepreneurial profile of the region.

Innovation Center Benefits

Whether you are a large corporate, a government organization or an SME, Innovation 360’s Innovation Centers provide you with:
  • A dedicated workspace designed to optimize organizational innovation
  • A unique environment for accelerating ideas, encouraging creativity and developing innovative solutions
  • An opportunity to develop the innovation ecosystem, leverage external sources for innovation, and share knowledge internally and externally to your organization.
  • Full operational support at every stage of the Innovation Center with expert frameworks, tools, methodologies and mentorship.
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