Top 10 Innovation Articles – Sept. 2012

Top 10 Innovation Articles Sept. 2012September was a great month for innovation articles and blog posts! It’s as if everyone returned from summer vacation full of ideas and thoughts that they had to share (lucky for all of us).  Below you will find innovation advice for companies large and small, all curated by the experts at Innovation 360. We hope you find value in this monthly list. If you would like to suggest an article (or video) for next month, leave a comment below or ping @innovation360 on Twitter.

How Innovative Leaders Maintain Their Edge
Three key things innovative companies do to create and sustain an innovation premium.

4 Strategies For Winning Over Innovation Naysayers
Four questions to ask people who discourage innovation.

Bosses Think They Champion Innovation, Employees Know Better
Study shows gap between leadership and workers on innovation perception.

The Grand Challenge – How to use Open Innovation to Generate Worldwide Awareness
How to use open innovation and crowdsourcing challenges to generate worldwide awareness for your brand.

Setting Lofty Standards for UAE
Is the UAE actually an innovation economy or do we just think we are?

3 Ways To Kill Your Company’s Idea-Stifling Shame Culture
Creating a culture that makes people feel safe to express new ideas.

In the Age of Imagination, Small Trends Have Big Impacts
How identifying mini-trends can help small companies innovate.

The Secret Phrase Top Innovators Use
Three words that jumpstart innovation at Google, Facebook and IDEO.

Fresh Ways To Fish For Better Ideas
How to evolve good ideas into great ideas.

Why Big Companies Can’t Innovate
How established practices and policies hinder innovation.

Top 10 Innovation Articles – July / August 2012

There are two kinds of people: those who accept the world the way it is, and those who attempt to change it. Innovators, of course, belong to the latter category. We see problems as opportunities, failures as lessons, and a sky with no limit. Our featured video this month is an amazing compilation from that celebrates innovators, and inspires us to continue the quest to make the world (and beyond) a better place.

Below are the best innovation articles we found for July and August 2012. As always, feel free to share your favorite articles, posts and videos in the comments.

How to Make Business Model Innovation Happen
A framework, process and overview of tools for Business Model Innovation.

How “Toggle” Worked Its Way Through AT&T’s Innovation Pipeline And Into Cell Phones
AT&T’s innovation system brings smart products to market, shares success with employees who created them.

The Five Senses of Innovation
How to tell if someone is innovative? Check their senses.

Social Entrepreneurship & Social Innovation: Not the Same Thing
Four reasons why social entrepreneurs are significantly different than nonprofit social innovators.

Please, No Innovation
How to build innovation into a consistent competency for your organization.

Zombie Innovation: How to Get New Life From Dead Ideas
How to use old ideas from your business’s past to spark new innovation.

Innovation Isn’t About New Products, It’s About Changing Behavior
Companies are not so much in the business of what we buy, but the way we act.

Fund the Future, Not the Past
A primer on the America Innovates Act and how it could better serve entrepreneurs.

Stop Slamming the Door on Innovation
How to overcome the built-in brain patterns that lead us to automatically reject anything new.

Top 10 Innovation Articles – June 2012

Best Innovation Reading - June 2012It’s July already? Time goes so fast! It seems that many people today rush from task to task, hardly ever taking the time to relax or learn. However, without  mental breaks, we lose our creativity. And without taking time to educate ourselves, we become less effective, stuck in the same old patterns like deadwood. You don’t need to read all the innovation articles below, but I encourage you to find one that sounds interesting and take a few minutes to relax and learn. You will be glad you did!

6 Games Innovators Play
Just like a game, innovation has a context, ground rules and certain competencies.

The Team Diversity Sweet Spot
How diverse should your innovation team be? How much diversity is counterproductive?

Companies are Changing Their Way of Thinking
Examples of companies using design thinking to innovate.

To Innovate, Play with Pieces Off the Game Board
What playing with chess pieces can teach us about innovation.

The Difference between Strategy and Innovation
Why strategy and innovation are not the same, but how they work together.

Is Crowdsourcing the Secret to Creating Innovation in Government?
How governments can use ideas from the public to solve challenges. Note: Also see how the mayor of New York is offering $9 million in prizes for cities to solve problems, and how Los Angeles is using crowdsourcing for more efficient schools.

Disruptive Innovation, Change Management & Taking the NO Out of InNOvation
10 barriers to business innovation and how to overcome them.

3 Enduring Ways to Approach Innovation
How different approaches to innovation can lead to successful breakthroughs.

Why is Innovation so Often “Hit or Miss?”
How to make innovation occur less by chance and more through planning and management.

Far-Fetched Ideas Are Fun. But Innovation Usually Starts Small
Innovations don’t have to be “cool”; they can be small, incremental changes that better people’s lives.

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Top 10 Innovation Articles – May 2012

This month’s list features articles on innovation culture, executive support and leadership, as well as global drivers of innovation and much more! We’ve also included a video on how to recognize opportunities for disruptive innovation. As always, feel free to add your own articles and video links in the comments!

Why Collaborative Innovation is not Optional in Today’s Economy
Companies with employees who are standalone, departmentalized “cube workers” can no longer afford to work that way.

Top 10 Innovation Articles - May 2012How Do You Create A Culture Of Innovation?
A step-by-step guide to building innovation into your company’s DNA.

3 Lenses for Innovation
How your company’s brand, business model and customer jobs contribute to value-added innovation.

Want to innovate? Develop Top Leaders
Study demonstrates why better leaders are important for innovation.

Accelerating Innovation With Human Chemistry
How the world’s largest chemical company is adapting to a more sustainable world.

5 Factors That Drive the Need for More Innovation
Global drivers that make innovation a necessity today.

k Suster on disruptive innovation
How to Recognize Disruptive Opportunities [VIDEO]
Entrepreneur Mark Suster on the state of innovation and the differences between emerging and disruptive technology as it impacts business and culture.

The Myths That Prevent Change
How your company’s myths and success stories can be barriers to innovation.

You Call That Innovation?
Companies love to say they innovate, but the term has begun to lose meaning.

Who in Your Company Can Say “Yes” to Innovation, Without Permission?
Why big innovation projects need an executive sponsor.

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Top 10 Innovation Articles – April 2012

Every day, we search the Internet for the best articles and advice on innovation, which we share with our followers and fans on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. Below are the best innovation articles we found last month. Feel free to add to the list in the comments.

Top 10 Innovation Articles for April 2012The Challenges for Developing Innovation in the Middle East
How technological ‘leapfrogging’ allows developing countries quickly build innovation abilities

What It Takes To Innovate: Wrong-Thinking, Tinkering & Intuiting
Why inventors throughout history don’t mind failing – and trying again

Inside Amazon’s Idea Machine: How Bezos Decodes The Customer
Amazon’s incredible business model transformation

How to Create the Next Silicon Valley
Conditions that contribute to a regional center of innovation

10 Tips for Successful Innovation Teams
A talent management roadmap for high-performance innovation teams

The Secret to Keeping Your Company Alive
Clayton Christensen and Hal Gregersen on how the most innovative companies in the world keep #innovation alive

When It’s Time to Throw Out Your Business Plan
5 tips for innovating your business model

Go Innovate on the Periphery
Spotting trends and innovating in adjacent markets

4 Ways To Keep Great Ideas From Getting Stuck In The Pipeline
How great innovation organizations deal with the “pipeline paradox”

When Will this Low-Innovation Internet Era End?
Why we’re living in an age of low #innovation despite all the advances in technology

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Top 10 Innovation Articles – March 2012

With so much attention on innovation these days, it’s easy to find articles and blog posts on the topic. What’s harder to find is valuable information on innovation that sheds new light on the subject, educates or inspires. With this in mind, Innovation 360 would like to offer a monthly round-up of the best innovation articles we have come across.

Top 10 Innovation Articles - March 2012Below you’ll find 10 innovation articles from March that are worth a read (listed in date order starting with the most recent). If you know of an article or post we missed, feel free to add it in the comments.

Has Innovation Lost Its Meaning?
Percolate’s Noah Brier on the true definition of innovation.

Boosting Personal Innovation Capacity–Iterate!
Why iterative thinking is key for innovation.

The Five Personalities of Innovators
Research shows five different types of innovation personalities.

How to Get Rid of Old Ideas?
Tips for shedding old ideas to make room for fresh insights.

What is Innovation Governance?
A discussion of different models and which ones seem to be the most effective.

Accelerating Innovation in Lebanon
How Lebanon is accelerating innovation using startup incubators.

Disrupting the Public Sector
Why governments don’t do disruptive innovation – and how to change that.

The New Rules Of Innovation
Why world-changing innovation is not going to come from where we expect it.

Is Your Culture Kryptonite for Innovators?
How the wrong type of organizational culture can cripple innovation.

Three Innovation Drivers for Small Businesses
How SMEs innovate, based on research from Intuit.

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