Top 10 Innovation Articles – May 2012

This month’s list features articles on innovation culture, executive support and leadership, as well as global drivers of innovation and much more! We’ve also included a video on how to recognize opportunities for disruptive innovation. As always, feel free to add your own articles and video links in the comments!

Why Collaborative Innovation is not Optional in Today’s Economy
Companies with employees who are standalone, departmentalized “cube workers” can no longer afford to work that way.

Top 10 Innovation Articles - May 2012How Do You Create A Culture Of Innovation?
A step-by-step guide to building innovation into your company’s DNA.

3 Lenses for Innovation
How your company’s brand, business model and customer jobs contribute to value-added innovation.

Want to innovate? Develop Top Leaders
Study demonstrates why better leaders are important for innovation.

Accelerating Innovation With Human Chemistry
How the world’s largest chemical company is adapting to a more sustainable world.

5 Factors That Drive the Need for More Innovation
Global drivers that make innovation a necessity today.

k Suster on disruptive innovation
How to Recognize Disruptive Opportunities [VIDEO]
Entrepreneur Mark Suster on the state of innovation and the differences between emerging and disruptive technology as it impacts business and culture.

The Myths That Prevent Change
How your company’s myths and success stories can be barriers to innovation.

You Call That Innovation?
Companies love to say they innovate, but the term has begun to lose meaning.

Who in Your Company Can Say “Yes” to Innovation, Without Permission?
Why big innovation projects need an executive sponsor.

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About Debra Jennings

Debra Jennings is Director of Storytelling for Innovation 360. She is an innovation tools expert and a contributing author to “The Innovator’s Toolkit: 50+ Techniques for Predictable and Sustainable Growth."