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The Telecom Innovation Imperative

The Telecom Innovation Imperative

If you had to choose between your mobile phone and your automobile, which would you choose? Perhaps surprisingly, many of us would choose our phones. Such is the value we place on communication with people and the world, which in turn demonstrates the importance of the telecom industry to everyday life. …


An Experiment That Went Explosive

My journey in the Middle East to help cultivate innovation and entrepreneurship cultures in corporate organizations and startups began as an experiment in 2008. With many people warning me, and some still skeptical, I have been pursuing my passion to make a change in the business scene of the Middle East. The result of this experiment? Innovation 360 is a brand name for innovation management consulting in the GCC, and i360accelerator is the platform of choice for many corporate accelerators in the region.  A partnership with one of the world’s leading multinationals created the TURN8 …

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Innovation 360 helps you develop a customized strategy for innovation, growth and transformation. With our 5-Step Innovation Framework, you will develop a creative, insight-driven, market-centric, innovation strategy that is centered on finding new ways of value creation. The result is a significant strategic advantage, real innovation ROI and a culture that supports sustained innovation.
idea to market
Idea to Market for Enterprise
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Idea Acceleration for Startups
Innovation 360 provides a variety of innovation execution methods and tools you can use to generate innovative ideas and solutions, validate and improve your ideas, and commercialize the best ones. We’ll help you turn your ideas into cash using our expertise to smooth new product and service development and improve the outcome.
Innovation 360 helps you build your organization’s human capital and innovation leadership capabilities. Our training workshops, seminars and special events are designed to help people at all levels of the organization, whether you are leading strategic innovation, managing innovation projects or contributing to a culture of innovation.
Innovation 360 partners with technology providers around the world to bring you the best systems for managing innovation and ideas, the front end of innovation and new product/service development. As a value-added reseller, we help you configure your innovation management technology systems to fit your needs and optimize your innovation program performance.
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